Brian Brown Speaks At The National Organization For Marriage’s Rochester, MN. MASSIVE FAIL Tour Stop

There were a whopping 18 NOM attendees, 9 NOM staffers/volunteers, and 2 priests who showed up at The National Organization For Marriage’s latest Tour Stop in another deserted parking lot of the middle of nowhere at the New Life Worship Center in Rochester, MN

Arisha of The NOM Tour Tracker caught up with Brian Brown and as his fashion Brian talked out of both siodes of his mouth and actually tried to pull in Dr. Martin Luther King into his argument about religon and the seperation of Chruch and State and when that didn’t work resorted to talking about what if William Wilberforce listened to those telling him not to bring his religion into the public square.  (Because we all know that Wilberforce,  a prominent British abolitionist.has so much to do with “gay marriage” argument}

Brian, when you put a speaker in front of your podium, with your banner draped across it, you are endorsing everything that speaker says. That person is speaking FOR YOUR CAUSE!  Every degrading comment made by those speakers can now be attributed to NOM.

Also as for you’re it’s all about  “protecting or preserving traditional marriage” BULLSHIT about the sactity of marriage” bullshit.  Then why did NOM’s tour divert to South Bend, IN for the city counsil hearings considering an ordinance that would disallow discrimination against gays in the workplace? Isn’t NOM’s white trash, white washed washed agenda simply cover for the complete marginalization of homosexuals?

Just hoe stupid do you think everyone is?

What do you think?

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