Brian Bond and the White House Administration Are "Frustrated" With Us LGBT Bloggers (Right Back At Ya Brian!)

In a press release I recieved this morning from Florida Together about a meeting that they took part in at The White House with Brian Bond, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and liaison to the LGBT community one paragraph really stood out to me.

“There is still a lot of work to do” before DOMA will be repealed. “Look at the trouble we’re having with ENDA.” he added.But Bond conceded that there are inconsistencies in President Obama’s positions. In response, Morgan Meneses-Sheets, executive director of Equality Maryland, stated, “Respectfully, we need President Obama to push for full inclusion of the LGBT community on ENDA, on marriage- we need the full get, not the lesser get. The highest office in the land sets the tone for the whole country.” Bond agreed, but expressed frustration at the often intense criticism levied, particularly by bloggers, against an administration that is “99 percent supportive of your issues.”

Brian and The White House is frustrated with us?  REALLY? 

Let’s take a look at some reasons why maybe we the LGBT Bloggers are frustrated with the White House and why we level intense critism.

Hmmmmmmm, well other than the fact that Administration may be “99 percent supportive” of our issues but what exactly are they doing to futher them and recify the discrimination and second class status that we have to deal with every day?  You throw some parties and make some speeches but other than that what “pressure” is the Obama Administration exerting on the Legisature to actually look at our issues and deal with them?  Now we all know that the Democrats keep the worst house on the hill.  They can’t ban togther and the leadership refuses to play hardball within its own house and bend arms let alone do it to the Republican Party, which is the way of Politics after all.  So maybe we’re frustrated  and critical because we don’t know exactly what you are doing because we can’t see anything substantial happening.  DADT would have been substantial if at least an Executive Memorandum would have been signed halting discharges.  And the question still lingers why was there NOT one signed.  Instead we got a hompophobic survey and alot of grandstanding.

Sure Brian you and the Administration  meet with the HRC and the NGLTF, meetings, coctail parties, and movie nights.  But guess what?  They don’t really no longer represent the “majority” LGBT community any longer.  They’ve lost touch with us and they don’t listen to us.  And our frustation with them is as great as the frustration that we feel for the White House because a mjority of us have lost confidence in them and rarely believe a word from their mouths.  So how arre we to believe the administration when they work with and talk with these groups which we no longer fully support or trust?

So here’s my suggustion for Brian, How about meeting with us? . Seriously. Meet with us the grassroot bloggers.  Me, Pam Spaulding, Joe Jervis, Andy Towle, Joe Sudbury, John Avarois and Bill Browning to name a few.  The REAL LGBT  people who reach out to the REAL LGBT Community.  Meet with us.  Let’s talk, and lets get this all out in the open.  I’m sure we’d all be happy to make the trip to Washington D.C even if we’d had to beg borrow or steal to finally get some answers and clear some of this muck up. Because believe me when I say that we don;t like this either.

So there, I’ve thrown down the gaunlet to Brian Bond and lets see if he’ll pick it up.  Just set a date Brian and I’ll be at the White House with bells on to talk to you.  bBecause until then.  Until we get some answers and some real movement on our cause at least I will continue to level critism at what I see when it deserves it.  Because as of now I have no clue what you are actually proactively doing in Washington, DC because you treat me the real LGBT community like mushrooms.  Sitting in the dark and fed a steady diet of shit.

Email me Brian.

What do you think?

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