Breaking: Mexico Approves Gay Adoptions – Maybe WE Should Cross THEIR Border

First Mexico had gay marriage and now today Mexico’s Supreme Court voted 9-2 to approve adoptions by same-sex couples in a preliminary and final vote.

“To declare constitutional option requires at least eight votes of the eleven judges on the Court, so it is now to be adopted at the formal process of voting. The ministers declared a recess and then continue with a second round of positions, then the vote will take place. Only the Minister-President Guillermo Ortiz and Salvador Aguirre Anguiano Mayagoitia have spoken out against marriages between same sex have the right to adopt. In contrast, most of the ministers agreed that it would be discriminatory to prohibit making such couples.”

Que bueno! And Congratulations Mexico!  Now America is like a Christian Taliban sandwhich between two slices of civility. (Canada and Mexico).

America sucks.

What do you think?

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