19 Year Old "Emmerdale" Actor Danny Miller, Attacked By Homophobes For Playing Gay On Television

19 year old ” Emmerdale” actor Danny Miller who is straight but plays a gay character Aaron Livesy on the television show was chased and attacked by a mob of men who targeted him because he plays a gay character

As the gay bashers attacked, one of the crowd shouted: “There’s that gay lad off the telly – let’s fuckiing get him.”

A witness to the event said  “It was terrifying. A group shouted, ‘Oi gay boy, you out with your boyfriend tonight?’ “Another screamed, ‘Oi faggot, is that your boyfriend?’ Then the they started running and screaming, ‘Get him, get him.”

Miller was out in Manchester to see his father, comic Vince Miller, perform. The thugs threw punches at him, but according to his Twitter page “I was attacked by a couple of lads tonight but escaped unharmed I just don’t want people worrying. Afraid to say it was Emmerdale related. Not sure why though. Hadn’t seen them before ever. Don’t worry though.”

The Neandertals are so crazy that they can’t tell television from reality.  Fucking insanity

Source:  LezGetReal.com

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