12 Gay Activist From The San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME) Arrested During Protest Trying To Obtain Marriage Licenses

A total of 12 gay activist from the goup San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME) were arrested this morning during a a sit-in at the San Diego County Clerk’s office after two gay couples tried and failed to obtain marriage licenses in protest of the Ninth Circut Courts STAY upholding Prop 8 until it’s appeal.

Tony and Tyler Dylan-Hyde and at least one other couple came to the county clerk’s office this morning at 8 a.m. asking to receive their marriage license. ‘We believe that county officials and the Attorney General have the authority and the obligation to allow marriage licenses to proceed based on both federal court findings and that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional and the governor’s filings in Prop. 8 cases,’ Tyler Dylan-Hyde said. ‘We are asking you to do what’s right.’ Three heterosexual couples had approached for their scheduled appointments this morning. The group refused to move and allow the couples access to the office. Deputies repeatedly asked the protesters to move before removing the initial three participants of the sit-in in plastic handcuffs  Then County Clerk David Butler then asked the sit-in group to move and allow the public access to the office around 9 a.m. The group refused, saying they were protecting their civil rights. Shouting, ‘We shall not be moved. No equality. No business as usual,  It was then that the additional arrests took place.

“It’s something at first that you kind of assume is going to be the case,” said Michael Anderson, a 28-year-old who planned to get his marriage license today with his partner of 9 years Brian Baumgardner. “But after awhile, you get tired of waiting.”

Well Done S.A.M.E.! Never give up — never give in!

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