World Cup Champion Cesc Fabregas Kisses Reporter Raul Gomez "Caiga Quien Caiga" (Video)

Oh those wild, wacky and smokin hot Spanards!

Reporter Raul Gomez was interviewing World Cup Champion Cesc Fabregas (who was wearing Hello Kitty fuzzy slippers) for “Caiga Quien Caiga” is trashy tabloid TV that comes on in Spain during the afternoon siesta. Well Gomez (Who is seriously cute) asked Fabregas (who ios also seriously cute) if he would kiss him because Gomewz wanted to know what it was like to kiss a World Champion, and Cesc Fabregas opbliged.

Note to Raul Gomez:  If you ever want to know what iot’s like to kiss an angry queer blogger……..CALL ME!  You are serious hot man.  Love those sideburns!

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