Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Zachary Quinto (Gay), Ryan Seacrest (OMG HOW Gay!), Brad Pitt Loves Zombies, Micheal Lucas and the Porn Pirates, The Oldest Sex Aid, and Representative Aaron Schock Has Something Small For You!

  1. *  Zachary Quinto freshly sheared and walking the streets of Soho in NYC! (That ones for you Kevin O!)

*  Even Ryan Seacrest’s current beard girlfriend Julianne Hough: thought he was was a BIG OLE MO’!  (And she was, and is still most probably right!)

Brad Pitt…..Zombie Hunter.  Brad Pitt is set to star in film adaptation of Max Brooks zombie apocalypse vovel “World War Z”, due out summer 2012!

*  The Norma Desmond of Porn Micheal Lucas has it in for butt pirates porn pirates. Lucas Entertainment has announced announced it is  legal action (site NSFW) against 65 as-yet-unidentified defendants accused of downloading its flick Missing via BitTorrent.

*  Has the world oldest dildo fianally been unearthed? Sorry Fred Phelps of The Westboro Baptist Church …you lose.

*  Homophobic Republican poster bottom boy and resident fashion FAIL Rep. Aaron Schock did a guest spot on Top Chef last night where he introduced the contestants to the “toothpick rule” about food small foods small enough to fit on a toothpick and fit in your mouth with room to spare.  I am sure Aaron is an expert on THAT subject!

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