Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Ian Somerhalders All Wet, America’s GAYEST Cities, Log Cabin Republican’s DADT Trial, LGBT Buying Power, Andy Roddick, Paul The Psychic Octopus, AND MORE!

*  <—–The Vampire Diaries smokin hot Vamp Ian Somerhalder gets wet and sexy.  Stake THAT!

*  Is the fact that the Log Cabin Republicans are so HATED the reason that no one is showing up for their case/trial against the United States Goverment to prove that the DADT law passed by Congress is unconstitutional?   Probably.

*  The Daily Beast unveils America’s Top 10 Gayest Cities(Columbus, Ohio?  Where in the BIZARRO Universe?)

*  The total buying power of the U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender  adult population in 2010 is projected to be $743 billion.  $743 BILLION?!  Well then fuck all this DOMA and DADT shit! Leys buy our own country together and get the fuck out of this cesspool!

* Andy Roddick shaves his……..

*  Russian bookies have offered €100,000 for Paul the Psychic Octopus, (C’mon I couldn’t make this up)who who correctly picked the winners of six consecutive World Cup matches. Thats a pricey plate of calamari.

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