Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Betty White Hoodies!, Jason Akermanis Whines, Director Don Roos Self Loathes, Enrique Iglesias Snaps His Junk and MORE!

Woman’s Wear Daily reports that Betty White “who has more street cred than people a quarter of her age” is launching her own line of T-shirts and hoodies that will hit stores in August.  Portions of sales for the will go to the Morris Animal Foundation, an animal health organization, for which White serves as a trustee.  Awwww We LOVE Betty!

*  Homophobic, bleached blond and butt ugly homophobe Australian Rules Football  player Jason Akermanis just won’t STFU!  Dude give it a REST!

* Openly gay movie  director Don Roos says that gay actors are distracting to homophobic audiences.  This comes from a hack homo director.  Self hate much Don?

*  Enrique Iglesias at a concert in Las Vegas took a camera from a fan pointed it down his pants and took a picture of his junk and gave the camera back. From what rumopurs we hear lets hope it had a telephoto lens/

*  Young and openly gay Kentucky House candidate Matthew Vanderpool, rejects contribution from Victory Fund: Saying that while he IS gay, he has no “gay agenda” and does not want to be in the groups back pocket.  Is this clever marketing to the haters in Kentucky? Because it’s really not tall hat clever.  Gay agenda or not they GOP and the Kentucky Redneks are ALWAYS going to hate and be against you.

What do you think?

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