What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Barney Frank Throws A Hissy Fit, Alexander Skarsgard,’s Face, Gay MASCAR, Cheyenne Jackson, Douchebag Ryan Leslie and MORE!

* Congressman Barney Frank who is roughly worth about $1 Million dollar, scaused a HUGE scene when he was denied a $1 senior citizen discount on his ferry fare to Fire Island.  Hey Barney! Maybe if you caused that much of a scene in The Senate we might get Equal Rights sometime soon! 

*  Only 20 Gay and Lesbian Couples have married in Portugal since the country has leagalized same sex marriage.

*  Alexander Skarsgard is the new face of Hickey Freeman. Hopefully his body will be also. 

Quers4Gears reports that The Phoenix International Raceway will be reaching out to gay NASCAR fans.  HOT DAMN!

*  Only about 10% of the Pentagon’s ‘DADT’ Surveys Have Been Returned.  Maybe , just maybe soldiers have better things to do like, um, maybe fight a war? (Let me add a senseless war.)

*  Cheyenne Jackson (pictured at left) is going to bring both BUTCH and BITCH to “GLEE” next season as he becomes the new vocal coach of  the GLEEK’s rivals Vocal Adrenaline.  Bend over and take it like a man Mr. Schuester!

*The Real World: New Orleans Ryan Leslie has issued an apology via Twitter and to GLAAD for his anti-gay and violent tweet last week. Who cares man you are still a douche.

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