Was The Uganda Beheading Story Gay Activist Pasikali Kashusbe A Hoax? – SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) Issues Press Release

Jim Burroway over at Box Turtle Bulletin follows up on a story that appeared internationally on LGBT blogs yesterday about the beheading and mutilation of Pasikali Kashusbe a gay activist with Integrity Uganda who has been missing for weeks and the fact that it is most probably a hoax planted by Rev. Colin Coward,

Here is what we  know at this time a young man was brutally murdered, that he was mutilated and his head was cut off and dumped into a latrine. (And i must interject gay or straight this is horrible and quite disturbing)  But it is now confirmed that the young man had no connections with Integrity Uganda. Furthermore, the story about the missing Rev. Henry Kayizzi Nsubuga’s disappearance following a pro-LGBT sermon also appears increasingly unlikely. Yes, the man is reported to be missing, but so far the only sources indicating that he gave a pro-LGBT come from a Rev. Coward himself and the virulently anti-gay Anglican web site Virtue Online. In short, there is almost nothing about the article published by Rev. Coward that appears credible. Coward states that the report was was emailed to him by one Erich Kasirye and Kasirye planted the story on behalf of the extremely homophobic and bigoted Archbishop Orombi of Uganda.

It’s all confusing and a sticky wicket.  Please read Jim Burroway’s article at Box Turtle Bulletin for the full details that have been pieced together thus far.

But one thing for certain is that whoever started this rumour wanted to send a message.  And that message is that LGBT hate still looms strongly and is still much a threat in Unganda.


SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) has issued a press release which “nullifies these reports and we are not aware of any LGBTI activist who has been beheaded. However, details of the mutilated body are yet to be revealed by the Ugandan Police.”, and goes on not only to link to, but names Back2Stonewall and Box Turtle Bulletin as reporters the reporters of this story but goes so far to state:

This is yet another example of the irresponsibility and misinterpretation of facts and context by the gay international media which has the potential to directly harm the LGBTI struggle in Uganda and put activists in the country at even further risk. It will be interesting to see how many of the sites that have published this story bother to publish SMUG’s press statement refuting their reports.

Where I stand 100 percent for LGBT Equal Rights for every person and every country in the world and have diligently reported on the problems that LGBT Ugandans have faced especially in the light of American anti-gay evangelist pushing their poison in Uganda and helping to create additional anti-gay hysteria perhaps SMUG is the perfect name for this group and perhaps they need to remember that we International LGBT Bloggers do the best with what limited resources that we have.  We are not news outlets and we do our best and we do it with the best intentions and thats to call attention to the atrocities that LGBT Community faces not only in our country but others also.  SMUG should remember that we do the best with  the news that we get and that we are on their side.   And that this update was published as soon as I found their press release. 

If SMUG would like to send any further updates on this case or other issues and struggles facing LGBT Uganadans please fell free to send all new releases to freewil@hotmail.com

What do you think?

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