Shocking News: Uganda Gay Activist Pasikali Kashusbe Beheaded

Disturbing and horrible news comes to us from Uganda as the severed head and mutilated torso of Pasikali Kashusbe a gay activist with Integrity Uganda just days apart.

Judith Nabakooba, a police spokesperson, identified the head as that of Pasikali Kashusbe, one of the workers on Kigggundu’s farm and a member of Integrity Uganda. Pasikali and his partner Abbey are youth workers with Integrity Uganda charged with the responsibility of mobilising young LGBT people in activities which build community capacity to face up to the challenge of homophobia, especially in the area of attitude change and care through drama and sports activities. According to the police, a mutilated torso which was earlier in the week discovered in Kabuuma Zone, about half a kilometre away from Kiggundu’s farm was probably Pasikali’s The torso was described as belonging to a young man and had no genitals. Pasikali went missing over three and half weeks ago when the country was celebrating Uganda Martyrs Day. All efforts by his partner Abbey and other family members to find him had been fruitless.

Police say the motive for this slaying is unclear at the moment but in light of Uganda’s recent “kill gays” law that it wanted to enact thanks to be whipped up into a homicidal frenzy by American evangelists the last few years it’s very clear what the motive probably is.

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  1. It is this type of behavior instigated by religious fundamentalist, which God will judge soon and I mean soon. It this type of behavior that for centuries religion has instigated unjust murders, suicides and genocides, which is against God's love. It is this type of behavior instigated by religion that have turned many away from God. Two thousand and ten years have passed since the appearance of Jesus Christ and they have yet to learn what God's love means and have denied it within their behavior, judgment and education. DJ Sunday Towers (a messenger of God)

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