Republican Gay Organization (Shudder) GOPROUD Hosts Reception At Gay Boycotted Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA

The Gay Republican Group, ASSHOLES GOPROUD hosted a reception today for Tammy Bruce, the lesbian conservative radio show host who believes marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman at none other than the Gay and Union boycotted Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, (You remember, Manchester Grand Hyatt owner Doug Manchester donated over $125,000  to pass Prop 8.  So we REALLY hate him.)

So not only are these moronic and traitorous gay assholes hostong the reception and staying there.  They are GLOATIING ABOUT IT!

ASSHOLES GOPROUD’s Chairman Christopher Barron, tweeted earlie today.

Now I know churches can excommunicate disobedient members…Is there anything we can do to kick these swine out of the gay fold? 

Oh wait, I feel I must apologize to pigs everywhere. I realize that you’re clean, intelligent animals and I’m sorry for comparing you to gay republicans.

What do you think?

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