PROOF That The National Tea Party Is Oficially Linked To Tony Perkin’s Anti-Gay Hate Group The Family Research Council And Others

The other night while watching Rachel Maddow she did a story on how the Tea Party had “booted” the Tea Party Express from it’s “National” Tea Party Group, because of it’s racist comments.  Rachel also mention how one of the majotr umbrella groups The National Tea Party Federation (TNTPF) which includes as it members some of the largest tea party groups in America including The Cincinnati Tea Party, Washington DC Tea Party and clains to have over a MILLION members) was linked to Tony Perkin’s Anti-Gay Hate Group The Family Research Council.

So I tool a wander over and low and behold there it was. Under “Affiliate Relationships”…..The Family Research Council, but also listed was the Anti-gay Heartland Institute, and anti-gay homophobe Richard Viguerie

After this week with the whole racist “Abraham Lincoln Letter”. The NAACP Death Treats, and now PROOF that the Tea Party is aligned with anti-gay hate groups, NOW CAN WE FINALLY CALL TEA PARTY MEMBERS HOMOPHOBES AND RACIST BIGOTS?

What do you think?

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