Pro-Gay Activist In Providence Stand Up To The National Organization For Marriage – NOM’s Feelings Get Hurt. Whaaa….Whaaaa…Whaaaa

Check out these twats, I mean tweets from the REAL twat Bryan Brown the President of The National Organization about alittle incident that happened yesterday at another extremely low attended stop on thier HATE-APOLOOZA “One Man, One Woman” Anti-Gay Marriage Tour.

It seems Brians panties are in a twist because some “gay militant activists” actually exercised thier right to Freedom of Speech and called the bitch out in the middle of his bigoted hate speech to his crowd of 10’s.

Brown tweeted pictures that he’s tagged with “militancy and incivility” of the counter protesters. Brown also tweeted a picture of a gay rights activist and has hilariously dubbed the man “The face of intolerance” Who happens to be the cute Vito Oliver from New York’s Queer Rising I believe.

And to those of us who whine, “Oh you shouldn’t confront them, ignore them.”  YOU are also part of our problem.

It’s about freakin time we started to stand up and got into the faces of NOM and other organizations that fight to opress us.  They are NEVER going to be reasoned with.  They are NEVER going to leave us alone.

Sometimes you need to stand up, fight, and bully the bully until THEY back down.

 I can only hope that this is the beginning of another Stonewall on a much grander scale.  You guys DO remember Stonewall right?

What do you think?

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