Pentagon Might Consider Segregation Of Gay and Lesbian Troops If DADT Is Repealed

As the the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell survey, which was distributed to 400,000 members of the Armed Forces this week.has been blasted (and rightfully so)  for everything from its focus on the troops’ supposed feelings about showering with gay and lesbian colleagues to its use of the bias-engendering term “homosexual.” Geoff Morrell, a Pentagon spokesman has now said that teh survey could lead the military to conclude that it would “perhaps need adjustments to facilities themselves,” indicating that it is not outside the realm of possibility that, in order to preserve the privacy and modesty of heterosexual service members in group showers and barracks, the military would consider segregating gay and lesbian service members in some way.

WTF?  The possiblity of Gay and Lesbian segregation coming  from the administration of a black president?  Oh the perverse irony
Sure.  By all means separate bunks for homosexual soldiers. Also, as soldiers may object to sharing rooms with Muslims, separate bunks for Muslims, Hindus, and Catholics. Vegans should not be forced to sleep across the room from Omnivores. Nor Calvinists with Methodists. Southerners should be separated from basically everyone, particularly Coastals. Also, True Bloods from Twihearts. We don’t want any more “incidents” of Harry Potter bashings either: Ravenclaws, keep your hands off the Hufflepuffs!

Fucking bigoted assholes……

Ar times like this I think we should petition the Crown to be readmitted to the UK. Mayhe the American Revolution was a bit rash. We’d be ahead of the game if we’d have stayed put. (And we’d have much better television.)

What do you think?

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