Over 3000+ Attend Downtown Cincinnati Gay Pride Celebration Despite Hysterical Warnings By Ohio’s Biggest Anti-Gay Hate Group

Cincinnati Pride 2010 which for the first time in 8 years moved back to Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati was a rousing success drawing an estimated 3,000 people who came to celebrate freedom and independence, for their country and their lifestyle despite attacks from Phil Burress, a self-described former porn addict turned Christian fundamentalist crusader against pornography and the “gay agenda,” and Ohio’s largest anti-gay “christian” group The Citizens for Community Values which has EXTREMELY close ties to James Dobson’s Foucus on the Family  and officially recognized “hate group” by the Southern Law Poverty Center The Family Research Association which is led by extreme homophobe Tony Perkins.

In the days perceding Cincinnati Pride Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values, issued an hysterical “action alert,” warning his membership of the danger of “homosexual activists” taking to the streets of downtown Cincinnati with their “deviant behavior” in a sinful celebration of “sexual appetite.” (in which of course he pleaded for donations to fight the “gay scourge”) and . during an interview with a local paper, he warned families planning to visit downtown Cincinnati on the 4th, to be on the lookout for gay parade attendees having sexual intercourse out in the open ont the street and topless lesbian women!  (If only!)

Phil Burress has been peddling gay hate since the 90s, with an obsessive fervor that only a former porn addict can muster. In 1993, Burress launched a successful campaign to overturn Cincinnati’s anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation. And Burress and his group was at the forefront of helping draft and push Ohio’s 2004 amendment banning gay marriage which is one of the worst in the country and which not only bans gay marriage but also bans any type of “marriage rights and benefits” to also any couple gay or straight who enter into a domestic partnership or civil union.

But fortunately there are some REAL human beings in Cincinnati also.

Katie Ambrogi, 31, of Blue Ash watched the 40-minute parade with her husband and three children.  “We just like equality for everybody. Let the kids see that there are differences. People are the same,” Ambrogi said. How did the kids respond to seeing men in huge hair, high heels and flamboyant dresses or the shirtless elves on a Christmas float in 90-degree temperature with an elf singing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”?  “They’re beautiful people and kids should see that,” Ambrogi said with a smile.

Thank you Katie!

Thnaks to you your children might be the last chance that Cincinnati, Ohio ever has to coming into the twenty first century and leaving Mr. Buress and the CCV back in 1943 Nazi Germany where they belong

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