Ogunquit, Maine Gay Bar Owner Normand Paquin Talks About Being Singled Out Because Of Homophobia And The Recent "Shirtless Bartender" Debacle

In the grand scheme of things this may seem small and silly but in reality it is not.

Last week I posted here about the “Maine Street Bar and Cabaret” and the troubles it had with a local resident Harriet “I Love Gay People But Don’t Want A Tacky Town” Yaffee and her barrage of complaints to Ogunquit, Maines Code Enforcement Office about *GASP* shirtless outdoor bartenders and being able to see liqour bottles behind the bar from the street.  (Oh the humanity!).  Thios prompted Code Enforcement Officer Paul Lempicki to tell Maine Street Owner Normand Paquin  to cover up the bottles and the bartenders pronto with Lempicki ssaying that the shirtless bartenders were a “health hazard.”

Lempicki said the shirtless bartenders were a “health hazard.”

Well, it turns out that they aren’t.. So whats the deal?

“According to Article 2-402.11(B) in the state’s Food Code, counter staff at an establishment serving food are not required to wear hairnets, beard restraints, hats or clothing that covers body hair. All other employees who work around open food are required to cover up. [Dept. of Health and Human Services]

Maine Street’s owner Normand Paquin,has spoken out and believes it’s homophobia and obviously so do many others.  Saturday night hundreds of people showed up at Maine Street  and any of them were shirtless in support of the bartenders and waiters.”

Like I said it’s not earth shattering.  But if the cause is sue to homophobia in the City of Ogunquit they need to be VERY CAREFUL since at least 25 -30 percent of their tourist dollars comefrom LGBT and LGBT supportive vactioners and something like this coulkd deter the LGBT community from vacationing there

What do you think?

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