The National Organization for Marriage Cries Hate Crime………Against It’s Bus

The National Organization for Marriage is claiming that we hateful vengeful homo’s have viciously vandalized iy’s offical “bus of hatred” that will be used to travel the country to spew it venious bile of bigoty and ignoramusity by poking a hole in one of it’s tires!   GASP!

Attention liberals and activists of the homosexual agenda: Your hateful and militant tactics will not stop the Summer for Marriage Tour. That’s right. Today we have seen what is remarkably a ‘low’ for the activists of the homosexual agenda but don’t be fooled – it’s not a new low. They have resorted to these tactics during the Proposition 8 campaign in CA and they have conducted their first vandalism of the Summer for Marriage Tour. While I stepped away from the Marriage Tour RV in Atlantic City, NJ today to get a glimpse of the ocean and take a few pictures of the beach, someone, who clearly has their mind set on same-sex marriage punctured close to a two-inch-long hole into the rear, driver side wheel of the RV.

Right, it just HAD to be a “homosexual activist or a liberal” because after all we know there’s no crime in Atlantic City, N.J.

What do you think?

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