National Organization For Marriage HATE-APOLOOZA UPDATE! – Trenton, NJ and Mayland MASSIVE FAIL, Brian Brown Speaks, Jay Lassister Of Blue Jersey Takes On NOM, NOM’s Fake Propaganda News Report (Video)

Less than 50 people bothered to come to NOM’s  “One Man, One Woman” HATE-APOLOOZA stop in Trenton, NJ yesterday where members of Garden State Equality out numbered the NOMBIES and while there was no shouting the mesage was heard loud and clear that The Garden State wasn’t going to listen to haters like Brian Brown and cultist followers.

Watch below as Jay Lassiter of Blue Jersey chimes in on NOM and what happened inside the State House while the NOM protest happened outside.

Also yesterday while the pro equality groups rocked the crowd to standing room only crowd Brian Brown himself  poo-pooed away the low numbers of NOM’s recent tour attendance to the Courage Campaigns cameraman who has been following the event and who today in Maryland where a whopping crowd of 17 people showed up Brian Brown had police officers remove  the CC’s cameraman from the Maryland rally — or risk arrest!
And last but not least NOM has created and posted on it’s hateful blog a  propaganda FAKE NEWS REPORT concerning the events in Providence R.I this weekend when “Protestors stormed the podium. threatened young children.and the  police stooding by and did nothing!” 
Please Mary………
Oh and that “hispanic woman” they are talking about who was threatened by protestors standing in front of her better make sure that her immigration papers are in the correct order because who do you think the type of people who follow NOM is coming after next you moronic bitch.

What do you think?

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