LGBT Cinema Trailer: "Violet Tendencies" Starring Mindy Cohen (Natalie) From The Facts Of Life

Director Casper Andreas brings us “Violet Tendencies” from a screenplay by Jesse Archer in what is their third film together.

Mindy Cohen (Natalie from TV’s 80’s sitcom “The Facts of Life”) plays plays Violet, the self-described “fag hag” who is loved by her circle of gay friends in New York City but lonely for a man of her own.

“I turn 40 this year. 40! I’m the oldest living fag hag,” she says at one point. “All my life I’ve been a fruit fly, fag hag, queen mother.”

Declaring that “this fruit fly is finished!” Violet becomes scarce to her friends to date. Her attempts are bumpy as she tries to meet dudes via something called “Frisky Friends,” describing herself to one potential suitor this way: “I’m a simple girl from Idaho … my face is rural too. I have an ample bosom and, well, my body is kind of ample.”

“Violet Tendencies” will screen on Saturday, July 10 at The Los Angeles Outfest  Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and should be available on DVD shortly.

Check out the trailer below….

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