Laywers Defending Lawrence Kings Killer Submit Motion For Judge To Recluse Himself

The defense attorneys for a Southern California teen Brandon McInerney who shot and killed Lawrence  King, a 15-year-old student at E.O. Green Junior High School  are seeking to have County Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell in the case recuse himself before the trial begins claiming that “he won’t be fair” because the judge recently refused to allow the defense more time to prepare for trial and planned to begin jury selection on Tuesday.

In weeks prior to the shooting, Lawrence King, had said publicly that he was gay, classmates said, and was constantly harassment from a group of schoolmates, including the Brandon McInerney.

On the morning of Feb. 12, Lawrence was in the school’s computer lab with 24 other students, said Mr. Keith, the police spokesman. Brandon walked into the room with a gun and shot Lawrence in the head, the police said, then ran from the building. Police officers caught him a few blocks away.

McInerney is charged as an adult and dispite multiple witnesses has pleaded not guilty

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