It Turns Out That President Harry Truman DID Poll White Servicemen In The 1940’s About Intergrating The Troops. But The DADT Survey IS EVEN MORE Offensive!

Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky headed over to The National Archives and uncovered documents showing that back in the 1940s President Harry S, Truman did indeed survey caucasian soiulders to see if they minded serving along side African Americans and did they ever.with a whopping 85 percent opposed to even having the same Rec Room let alone barracks and  a Gallup poll showed 63 percent of American adults favored segregation in the military.But that still did not deter Turman from issuing his executive order(Learn a lesson there Barack.)

Volsky writes:

“While smaller, these racial polls share some common questions with the DADT survey. In fact, in some instances one can even replace ‘negro’ for ‘gay’ and end up with today’s questionnaire. Both polls ask servicemembers if they objected to working alongside minorities, how they felt serving with minorities, how effective minorities are in combat and if their feelings have changed about the minority after serving with them

Does this give Obama and Mullins a free pass on the survey now since we have found out that Truman did it?  The answer is a resounding NO!    It’s no longer 1945.  It’s 2010 for pitys sake.  And with BOTH the surveys being so alike this actually PROVES how much America HAS NOT evolved in the past 65 years in its prejudices against it’s own citizens.  And what makes Obama’s and Mullins  DADT survey even MORE OFFENSIVE is the fact that we have an African American President who gave it the greenlight the offensive DADT survey even though there was a survey in the 1940’s that was equally offensive to African Americans. 

What do you think?

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