HIV+ Canadian Man To Be Tried For Attempted Murder

A Canadian man , Steven Paul Boone who authorities named and identified in public reports as a sexually transmitting hazard to your health, has seen charges against him upgraded. To attempted murder.  Boone was arrested in May after an 18-year-old man said he contracted an “infectious disease” after having unprotected sex multiple times with Boone and while Boone was awaiting trial additional men came forward following health officials’ open call to Boone’s sex partners. Boone also faces charges of administering a “noxious substance” (yep, HIV). Which brings Boone’s grand total of counts against him to 31.

Boone who knew that he was HIV+ and aggressively sought sex partners hid the information and never divulged his status. (Weather he was asked and lied about it is unclear at this time.)  The allegations suggest the list of Boone’s potential victims could date back more than a year.

Its truly a disturbing story, spreading an infectious disease to people unaware, esp HIV/AIDS (Which, while chronic, still has no cure and still causes death), is an absolutely disgusting thing to do. But some of the responsibilty does fall back onto those who had the unprotected sex with Boone for they choose for themselves to act with careless disregard to their own protection. And, how can a fair judgement be made when the so-called victims willingly engage in unsafe-sex? Certainly if they had unprotected sex with Boone, it is reasonable to doubt whether or not they had unprotected sex with others.

Remember AIDS is not gone.  AIDS is not cureable. 

It is everyones responsibilty who is involved in a sex act to protect themseleves.  Weather it be with someone you meet through a friend or meet at a bathhouse.  Sex is not a dirty thing and can be lots of fun. 

But in the end it is up to YOU to be responsible for your own safety.

2 thoughts on “HIV+ Canadian Man To Be Tried For Attempted Murder

  1. GROW-UP!! Everyone is placing so much blame on Mr. Boone, which what he has done, if all true was wrong and should have some type of punishment,, but attempted murder??? Way to severe!! What everyone should be asking is who gave HIV too Mr. Boone? Did that person know they were HIV positive? My guess is 100% yes! There are tens of thousands of gay/bi and so called straight guys that have HIV and know it! But never tell their sexually partners in Canada or the areas that the travel too. Maybe you have had sex with one of these guys…maybe you haD sex with one of them unprotected and were lucky enough not to contract the disease. Again ask yourself … Who gave the disease to Boone…isn't he a victim too? Maybe he contracted the disease from an attractive,muscular, successful, wealthy, well known blonde in Ottawa?? Who many guys have had unprotected sex with?? Maybe the 18 year old had unprotected sex with someone before he met Boone! We know from the case that the 18 year old doesn't practice safe sex! It is as though everyone believes that Boone is the only HIV Positive guy in the city having random hook ups with men! For the straight people in Ottawa, yes the is shocking… but they need to visit gay websiteS like or or and they will see exactly the behavior that so many of there gay and bi men exhibit. Hell they may even find their husband or boyfriend on the website! (Really everyone create a profile on these websites and see what the Canadian men are really all about! Talk dirty… ask for random anonymous hook ups…you will be surprised what you experience!) You may even change your mind about Boone! It is Behavior that spreads the disease, not one man not telling his HIV status! Ottawa "Canada" grow-up and and exhibit your so called "Highly Educated Society" that you believe is superior to the rest of the world and educate your citizens not prosecute them! Lastly… all Boone has to say in Court is that he told the 18 year old that he was "HIV POSITIVE" and then it is a "he said she said" situation..and he will walk free! Think about it… if you don't know you are HIV Positive you don't or can't face any criminal charges if you spread HIV… SO WHY WOULD ANYONE IN CANADA EVER WANT TO BE TESTED??? WHEN CANADIANS STOP GETTING TESTED FOR FEAR OF FUTURE PROSECUTION THATS WHEN EVERYONE SHOULD BE TRULY SCARED!!! GROW-UP CANADA!!

  2. I just posted the story, personally at the end I said it was disgusting not to tell your partners and still ahve sex with them but I didn't say I agreed with the charges/ (But IF he did do it on purpose with intent to harm it is justifiable.

    I also stated that is everyones responsibilty to know the status of someone they are fucking and to use safe sex practices.

    Thnaks for your comment though

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