GOP Young Republicans Play The Victim Card And Challenge Tammy Baldwin’s Nomination Paperwork

 The Young Republicans of Dane Country have filed a challenge and is asking Wisconsin state election officials to invalidate the nomination papers of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin because they claim they are invalid because it lists her campaign office as her address instead of her voting address.

“Tammy Baldwin has always been a blind supporter of liberal interests; However, she is now demonstrating reckless disregard for the voters of the Second Congressional District by not even bothering to conceal the fact that she no longer lives in the District she was elected to represent,  Tammy Baldwin has always been a blind supporter of liberal interests” Charla Halverson, president of the GOP group, said in a statement.

Reid Magney, a spokesperson for the Government Accountability Board, said that state election officials have allowed Baldwin to list her campaign office address instead of her voting address for more than a decade because of the threat of violence.

Baldwin is one of three openly gay members of Congress

Violence?  Do these GOP’er’s have any idea just how stupid they sound?  Especially since Baldwin’s first win to Congress was marred by death threats.


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