Family Research Council Attempts To Stop Holland, MI Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Using Discredited Anti-Gay Phamplet Attributted To Geroge "Lift My Luggage" Rekers and NARTH

Tony Perkins and The Family Research Council is at it again, this time in Holland, MI tryiong to stop the town from considering an anti-discrimination ordinance that would cover sexual orientation and gender identity.

On July 23, The Family Research Council and Request Foods took out a full page ad in the Holland Sentinel usiong  untruths based on a  discredited and bogus information taken from a  pamphlet called “The Ten Myths About Homosexuality” which uses research from  none other than rentboy loving George “Lift My Luggage” Rekers’ and  “ex-gay” group NARTH..

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Pride Source reports that the group Holland Is Ready, which is supporting efforts to pass the anti-discrimination ordinance, planned to meet Wednesday morning to decide its course of action.

‘I was sad to see this ad in our local paper, but it’s typical of groups like the FRC, who are becoming more and more desperate in their communication,’ said Jennifer Adams, an organizer of the group. ‘Their approach is to engender fear by spreading blatant untruths about LGBT people.’ Adams said it would not alter the work of Holland Is Ready. ‘Our work will continue to remain focused on equality for all based on actions of justice, awareness and love,” she said. Among other things, the ad said homosexuals can be changed into heterosexuals “sometimes spontaneously, and sometimes as a result of therapeutic interventions,’ that homosexuals experience considerably higher levels of mental illness and substance abuse than heterosexuals and that gay people are not seriously disadvantaged by discrimination.”

Request Foods which co-sponsored the anti-gay ad with the Family Research Council is a frozen-food maker that has received millions in grants from the state of Michigan. and one of its biggest clients is Campbell’s Soup.  Jack DeWitt the President of Request Foods has also contributed thousands to Family Research Council’s political action committee.”

In its 2009 Corporate Equality Index, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) rated Campbells as one of the top employers for supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.

Perhaps they should learn about Request Foods and its anti-gay discrimination.

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