Cincinnati Ohio’s Very Own Anti-Gay Hate Group, "The Citizens For Community Values" Plugs NOM’s HATE-APOLOOZA Tour And Begs For Donations…As Usual

It’s not like I am or anyone should be shocked that “The Citizens For CommunityValues“, Ohio’s Number 1 a bullet (and I wish literally) anti-gay hate group is pushing The National Organization For Marriage’s “One Man, One Woman” HATE-APOLOOZA Tour. After all the CCV is the group that calls Tony Perkin’s of The Family Research Center “a good friend”,and is conneted to “Focus on the Family” and is responsible for Ohio having one of the WORST DOMA laws on the books statewise.

I will award 20 Gay Points to whoever brings me some prosecutable proof on the CCV and it’s President Phil Burress or it’s founding member Chris Finney. 

C’mon it can’t be that hard and somebody must know something?


What do you think?

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