BREAKING NEWS! – NOM’s HATE-APOLOOZA "One Man, One Woman" Anti-Gay Marriage Tour MASSIVELY FAILS AGAIN In Indiannapolis, IN – 29 NOM Supporters – 95 Pro Gay Marriage Protestors

Well the early numbers are in via Prop 8’s NOM Tracker and once again NOM’s HATE-APOLOOZA “One Man, One Woman” Anti-Gay Marriage Hate Tour is once again a HUGE FREAKIN BUST at it’s Indiannapolis, IN stop!’

Arisha Michelle Hatch reports that she has hand-counted 29 non-NOM staffers attending the rallyand that  about 95 marriage equality supporters marched in to the event to counter-protest NOM on a sidewalk across from the event and that Bil Browning, Indiana resident and Bilerico Project founder, is at the event getting footage from the rally as well.

I am sure there will be more pics and video to follow.

MAGGIE GO HOME!  (Or back to your Barn…….whatever)

What do you think?

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