Boycott Of Home Depot Launched By The American Family Association For Setting Up Kids Crafts Workshop At Pride Event

The AFA has gone stark raving mad again and has announced a boycott of Home Depot with one of their major outrages being the fact that Home Depot set up a “Kids Craft” spot at a Southern Maine Pride Festival!  GASP!

Just makes me want to shove a 2×4 up the AFA’s collective asses.  (Although they’d enjoy it too much.)

PLEASSE call The Home Depot with a kind word of “Thanks” to offset these startk raving mad bigots messages of hate. 

Public Relations Department at  (770) 384-4646. In Canada, please call 416-386-5847 –  (Option 7 works best I believe.)

From the assholes at AFA

What do you think?

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