WTF? The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance Of Washington, DC Want To "Preserve Civil Marriage Equality" But Also To "Tax Hookers"!

Rick Rosenthal and the The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance, (Who I have had “words” with in the past. Hi Rick!) has released its annual “Agenda 2010,

Interestingly besided LGBT issues that should be focused on like “Preserving Civil Marriage Equality” and “Transgender Health Needs,” and “Transitional Housing for Homeless LGBT Youth”.  The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance also added  “Medical Marijuana” and “Prostitution: Legalize It, Regulate It, Zone It, Tax It.” in hopes of weilding power in DC City politics.  (Which should be a BIG hit with Bishop Henry Jackson and his minions)

Now I am all for leagalized prostitution and “sex zones” (It was a sad day when DC took eminent domain of SW O Street and forced out the Follies, The Glorious Health club and all the “fun” places in that area.)  But at this time with DOMA still in place, EDNA slowly being pushed into obscurity and the FUBAR which is the current state of affairs regarding the DADT repeal in Washington, and not to mention the rise in LGBT related hate crimes in the Disctrict is taxing hookers really that important to The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance to put time and energy into instead of solely fousing on the important gay issues at hand?

What do you think?

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