Viv’la France! Drunken French Salior Puts On Free Strip Show In Downtown Victoria, BC Canada………TWICE

Victoria police reported few problems as 5,000 visiting sailors partied it up in the city last weekend during celebrations to mark the centennial of the Canadian navy, one officer revealed that an intoxicated French sailor stripped in public twice, once in front of the captain of his ship.
Officers were called when the mariner slipped out of his uniform in the lobby of a local hotel, according to deputy police chief John Ducker in a blog post about the incident,

Evidently, the sailor’s aversion to his uniform won out — or as Ducker put it, “as a testament to the beautiful weather we enjoyed over the weekend of this International Fleet Review” — because he stripped again in the queue to return to his ship. Unfortunately for the sailor, the captain of his ship was behind him in line

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