Shock: Rush Limbaugh Was Married by an Anti-Gay Activist (Pastor) Ken Hutcherson Who Compares Gays To Murderers

Rush Limbaugh the ex drug addict, liar, bigot, homophobe ReTHUGlican, blowhard asshole who had big gay Elton John sing at his recent wedding, making him look all acceptance-y were married by vocally anti-gay preacher Ken Hutcherson, who has compared gays to murderers

Limbaugh proudly said on the air that he had a black minister, former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Hutcherson, officiate and a gay rock star, John, entertain. At one point in the ceremony, Rush said, Hutcherson joked he was the third token at the altar, the other two being the wedding rings.

Hutcherson, a homophobe who fought with Microsoft over the company’s support of an anti-discrimination law that included homosexualit is also a staunch supporter of Watchmen on the Walls, a weird anti-gay organization listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. And Hutcherson also happens to be thisclose to the author of The Pink Swastika, a controversial book co-authored by American Family Association boss and closet case Scott Lively. While it’s been debunked by historians, the tome claims that homosexuality within Germany’s Nazi party contributed to the country’s role in the bloodshed of World War II.

Limbaugh should have married Hutchinson  They are a match made in HELL.

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