Ronnie Kroell"s Naked Playgirl Pictures Have Been Revoved Due To A Threatening Email From Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

Ronnie Kroell’s pictuires have been removed due to this site recieving a threatening email from Playgirl spokesperson Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

From: daniel nardicio (
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Sent: Tue 6/08/10 10:12 PM

take down your link to the Ronnie Kroell pics NOW- tomorrow AM our lawyers start going after you for copyright infringement



I am humbled that you felt so threatened that my posting of any pics would cut into Playgirls revenues.  But all you had to do was ask in a professional and courteous manner. (And use some capital letters, maybe) But since you come off like a gay Joe Francis from “Girls Gone Wild” I just want to let you know that  perhaps people wouldn’t post Ronnie’s pics if people hadn’t been rooked into buying subscriptions for the much-hyped Levi Johnston photo shoot, which ended up being extremely lame, and even in the much anticipated Kroell shoot in which  Ronnie is not erect, as you Daniel Nardicio said he’d be. At best, there’s only a shot of him with a semi hardon.

So now that the pictures are no longer available please feel to go back to promoting your sex parties, but before you do a bit of advice.  Get a better photographer and after the bait and switch with Johnston , you REALLY should have tried to avoid dangling another baited line with Ronnie.

Oh, and fuck you.


8 thoughts on “Ronnie Kroell"s Naked Playgirl Pictures Have Been Revoved Due To A Threatening Email From Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

  1. you mean you violated copyright law and Daniel is the douche-bag? really? you sound self serving. Try giving yourself some head.

  2. He could have used capitals, you could have used spellcheck ('pictuires').

    You violated copyright, he told you to stop. Get over it and stop having a hissy fit. Plus putting his email address on here makes YOU the douchebag.

  3. Hmmm Just wondering if just for a moment every "small' website posted copyrighted material if it would effect someone's bottom line, I think it would. Daniel is doing his job, as for his sex parties, why bring that up, and with regards to erections, there are bigger issues in the world than wether some d list celebrity has a hard on

  4. Dear Anonymous:
    If I could give myself head I wouldn;t have time to posr anything.

    You can find the email addy via google it's already public knowledge

    Anonymous 2
    There are much bigger issues in the world, you are right. But we were peomised erections!

  5. OMGG – Oh My Gay God!

    Where's the love? Give the blogger a break. He's right. The whole gist of this post was that this fuckface, Daniel, was an asshole about it. Which he was. I've gotten removal requests before and usually they are at the very least polite about it – no big deal.

    But when they come off like this, especially when (in the first place) they have the fucking internet to thank for a subject's popularity – Well that just makes them fucking douche bags. So fuck all of ya'll, Daniel and your fucking French Poodles too.

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