NKY PRIDE UPDATE: Northern Kentucky’s First Gay Pride Festival Is Alive and Well!

Northern Kentucky Pride Is ALIVE and WELL!

Okay here’s the deal. NKY Pride is alive and well and still scheduled for October of this year. But it has been a rough road. Like any family (And the LGBT Community IS A Family) there are “ups and downs” and “he saids and she said” and personal issues and attitudes that get in the way. But that is over AND WE ARE MOVING FORWARD.

Here are the FACTS.

*NKY Pride has hit a few bumps but is STILL SCHEDULED for late October. (Yes, October. Too many Prides in June and on our first not a good idea to compete with them) Where it would have been nice to have a Pride in June. IMO PRIDE is EVERYDAY, every WEEK, and EVERY MONTH. And c’mon can you think of anything gayer than Pride at Halloween?

*501c Non Profit Status HAS BEEN applied for and is in pending status. And NKY Pride is operating as such. ALL Monies go to the organization for Pride and other LGBT issues/events. (All members are volunteer)

*We are running behind because of the problems and are in need of Volunteers, Sponsors, and Entertainment. This may not turn out to be the biggest pride but it will be the BEST. (As most gay men know its QUALITY not QUANTITY) So if you are interested in joining the Commitee or Volunteering, Sponsorship, being a vendor, or entertaining at the event. PLEASE contact me at freewil@hotmail.com

There’s alot to do in the next 4.5 months and anyone who wants to help we are greatful to have it.

On this the 40th anniversary of the first Gay Pride March and the continuing struggle that we all still face to win our rights it’s so important that we do this. Not only to support our LGBT Pride but also the city of Covington, KY which is one of the few gay friendly cities in the state of Kentucky which has one of the lowest ratings when it comes to LGBT Equality Issues.

A new Facebook page and Website will be up shortly.

In the meantime please feel free to contact me at the above email addy with any questions, comments and ideas.

Thnak you for your patience and support.

What do you think?

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