LGBT Pride Month Cinema – WATCH: Armistead Maupin’s "Tales Of The City" – Episode 5

We rejoin Tales as Brian cruises a diner. The waitress decides to take him up on his off but wants to take him out to Colma, cemetary land, to a trailer park non the less. Later, Mouse says goodbye to his parents after a tough visit. Then Mona goes to the Church of Justice and Peace in the Castro. Poppers welcome.  Creepy Norman is up to no good as usual. This time we find him snooping around for more information on Mrs. Madrigal. Meanwhile, Mona isn’t having the beautiful lesbian relationship she had imagined. Dee Dee also finds herself in a momentary relationship that leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Remember the blackmailer? Beachaum voices his protest against children once again completely oblivious to the truth

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