Larry Craig Appears On The Daily Show NOT To Discuss His Bathroom Incident BUT DOES! (Tap…Tap…Tap) – (Video)

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Evan Bayh’s Senate Retirement

John Oliver did a piece last night on The Daily Show about senators who’ve retired. And Larry Craig was one of them!

According to The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, Craig’s assistant wrote the following about Craig’s Daily Show appearance in an email to Craig’s stating that “they won’t be discussing the past”—i.e. his gay restroom sex scandal. (has this man never seen the show?)

Larry said that the show was fun and is about the Senate. It was done about a month ago after Sen. Bayh announced his retirement. They won’t be discussing the past, but will be discussing sticking around after announcing retirement, etc.

But in the piece, Oliver turns Craig’s refusal to answer questions about the scandal into the joke. Craig keeps bringing up airports and spouting double entendres as Oliver literally bites his tongue. It’s funny.

Also the ‘singing Senators’ clip was a real showcase for Larry’s golden throat. (Ewwww I know but I couldn’t resisit)

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