James Fracno First Solo Art Show, Called "The Dangerous Book for Boys" To Feature Gay Capt. Kirk/Spock Slash Art

Oh man James Franco, so cute, artsy, bohemian, and wierd.  I fracking love him!

James is mounting his first solo art show, called The Dangerous Book for Boys, on June 23 at the Clocktower Gallery in NYC. 

The Dangerous Book Four Boys” addresses boyhood and the “sexual confusion” of adolescence, as Ms. Heiss put it. Short films focus on demolition, showing burning or bullet-riddled structures like a plastic toy home or a large wooden rocket (the exhibition contains originals or replicas of these). Another work explores a romantic encounter between “Star Trek” characters Spock and James T. Kirk.

James states:

“I feel like shows or films that deal with kids, they’re playing to all of these sexual feelings that you have at that age, but they don’t fully admit to it,” he said. “So I kind of try to draw that out. The implicit in those shows and books, I try to make it a little more explicit.”

*James Franco Interviews Artist Marina Abramovic

**The Spock/Kirk bath image isn’t necessarily the one that’s in the show, it’s just  a hot gay slash art images. As soon as Jimmy’s work images is online they will be posted.

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