Human Rights Campaign Screws Up AGAIN And Accuses Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Of Voting AGAINST DADT Repeal When She Didn’t

Can HRC do ANYTHING right?

The Human Rights Campaign sent out an e-mail  this morning to thier 750,000 members which erroneously said Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson voted against repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”. 

The only problem is, that she didn’t/ and needless to say, Eddie Bernice Johnson is not amused about the gaffe, which HRC has chalked up to a “technological glitch.”

Turns out the HRC sent constituents of Illinois Congressman Tim Johnson, who did in fact vote against DADT repeal,  e-mails asking them to thank him for the vote in support of equality. and Eddie Bernice Johnson who  DID VOTE for the repeal got the e-mail meant for Tim Johnson.  And now to add to  it, Tim Johnson’s gay constituents are equally pissed because the e-mail has given people the false impression that Tim Johnson isn’t anti-gay.

This is just another in a long line of  examples of how HRC National, a multi-million dollar organization is just not worth it’s weight in saltt.   If HRC cannot distinguish between the 435 members of Congress and their voting records, or t the very least fact check their email campaigns before sending them out then something definately is wrong with the organization.

What do you think?

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