Homo Say What? – National Organization For Marriage’s Barefoot BITCH Maggie Gallagher Concedes Prop 8!

Mooooooooooooooooo – gie Gallagher the ex-president and current BITCH of The National Organization For Marriage not only tried to screw with out rights but at one point today had to be the bailiff at the closing Prop 8 arguments to put her bare feet down from which she had resting on the back of the chair in front of her!  WHAT A SLAG!

Afterwards, the slag bitch posyed on their Anti – Prop 8 site:

“Chuck Cooper is a heckuva lawyer. At stake in this case is the future of marriage in all 50 states, and he’s right that this attempt to shut down the debate by constitutionalizing gay marriage will backfire. Americans have a right to vote for marriage. Ted Olson doesn’t seem to understand the argument, and judging from today’s exchanges neither does Judge Walker. I expect Judge Walker will overrule Prop 8. But millions of Americans do understand why marriage is the union of husband and wife and I believe the majority of the Supreme Court will as well.”

I’m surprised she didn’t say “I expect the gay Judge Walker will overrule Prop 8.” You know those will be the first words out of her mouth if it is indeed overturned.  Its actually hinted to already on thier crappy website.  This group feels perfectly justified in dehumaniizing people. Their income depends on it.

But I’ll give the bitch one thing.  She’s was right. Cooper is a heck of a lawyer. He almost did a better job proving the plaintiffs case than Olsen did!  MANY thanks to him from our side!

What do you think?

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