Homo Sat What? – Closet Case Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council Has An Unhealthy Obsession With Elena Kagan

Closet case and hate monger Tony Perkin’s of the Family Research Council seems to have a major crush on manish looking Elena Kagan.  So much so that he feels the need to talk about her every waking moment.

Tony, in one of his usaual homophobic rants against a recent Supreme Court ruling that California’s public universities can deny recognition and funding to a Christian legal club that denied membership to gay students couldn’t help but bring up Kagen’s name with a smile on his face and a lump in his trousers.

“The Supreme Court, by a 5-4 ruling, now says that no university can give its imprimatur to discriminatory organizations if that university has an ‘all-comers’ policy of requiring every group to accept every membership applicant. In this case, the Court is suggesting that orthodox Judeo-Christian teaching against homosexual conduct is untenable on America ‘s university campuses. This is a grave breach of both freedom of religious speech and freedom of association, and a troubling day for America’s long history of protection from religious discrimination.

This decision came on the same day that Senate hearings on Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination began. It is just another reason why the United States needs justices who will uphold the Constitution and not undermine its guaranteed religious liberty to push a social agenda.” – Family Research Council head (giver) Tony Perkins

Talk aboput “fatal attraction!” and to top it all off Tony-onioooo will testify later this week about the fitness of Elena Kagan’s moral character, or something like that.  He’s even listed himself as a “minority witness” and will testify after Kagan wraps up her own remarks before lawmakers just so he can be close to her.

Now isn’t that sweet?


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