Hawaii Govenor Linda Lingle To Put Gay Civil Unions Bill On "Potential "Veto List

Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona annouced on Thursday Gov. Linda Lingle will put the civil unions bill on the veto list Monday when she informs lawmakers about bills she might veto.  (And considering that this Bill has been sitting on her desk since April and that Lingle is a homophobic republiocan bitch its probably a done Veto deal.)

Aiona said that does not mean the governor will veto the bill that would give all the rights of marriage under Hawaii law to same sex and heterosexual couples.”It will be a potential veto and the governor right now is crafting her decision as to whether of not she will or will not veto that bill. Some, we will find out. The deadline for that is July 6,” Aiona said

Considering that Lingle’s term expires this year and not running again she will have nothin g to lose by vetoing it. . But ine thing is for sure Lingle will go down in and unabashed homophobe and should alwats be treated as such.

What do you think?

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