D.C. Rap Artist WALE Apologizes To Crowd At D.C. Black Pride Event – (Video)

Wale, a rap music artist from the Washington area was slated to perform for DC Black Pride, but his management apparently canceled after realizing that Black Pride was an event for the LGBT community. Many bloggers who disapproved of the cancellation picked up on the story. On his Twitter page, Wale seemed to say he knew nothing about the booking or cancellation. Adding to that, he seems to be saying here that he did not agree with his management’s decision to cancel.

”One thing I stand for is hip hop music. And hip hop music knows no race, no color, no age, no gender, no sexual orientation — none of that. So, the most important thing about it is the music, and if it makes the people feel happy, that’s what we hear. I will say, sometimes in this business you get aligned with people that don’t understand that, or don’t necessarily have the same beliefs that you do. And I apologize for not, you know, having my best foot forward to understand the people I’m in business with. And I’m going to do better. As we all do. People we — everyday we got to get better. So, I apologize on behalf of my team, for not being the way they’re supposed to be.” 

”My thing is, your personal life is your personal life…. Whether you agree with it or not, [homosexuality] is not going anywhere. It’s just something that you got to accept. They’re people just like you are. Taxpayer citizens just like you are…. I don’t personally know any gay people, but one thing I do know, we have the same heart and the same soul. It’s a fact of everyday life. At the end of the day, whether you’re straight, gay, Spanish, black, white, tall, short, you know — amputee or whatever — you just got to live your life.”

Wale, did indeed perform at DC Black Pride and spoke with MetroWeekly at th event

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