Dane Cook Accused Of Hurling Homophobic Slurs During American Idol Finale (Video)

American Idol contestant Ian Bernardo.has accussed Dane Cook of verbally attacking him and hurling homophobic slurs during this season’s American Idol finale stand up comedian Dane Cook was on stage performing his serenade tune ‘Simon Says’ to judge Simon Cowell when Bernardo grabbed the mic from Dane Cook and began yelling “Who cares? It’s all about Ian Bernardo tonight!”

After the show went to the commercial break is when Ian Bernardo claims that Dane Cook went a vicious rage yelling “I can’t believe you let this f***ing f**got on stage .”  “and that Cook’s representative followed him off stage and continued to berate Bernardo, yelling ‘You f***ed my client, you f***ing faggot, you will burn in hell.’”

Bernardo claims that these gay slurs and insults were made in front the openly gay American Idol judge Ellen Degeneres . Bernardo is now demanding an apology from Ellen for not doing or saying anything while Dane Cook hurled out these insults.

“I have always looked up to Ellen and I am offended that she sat by and did nothing” revealed Bernardo.

Barry Katz, a representative for Cook, has disputed Bernardo’s version of events.Katz told RadarOnline.com that he was with Cook the entire time and the incident “never happened.”

So we have Ian Bernardo who wanted to pull a “Kanye” moment accusing Dane Cook (who gay rumours abound about) getting pissed and calling him a faggot for pulling a drama queen moment on national TV. 

This is truly a “she said vs. she said” moment

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