Clear Channel Rejects St. Petersburg Pride Gay Theme Billboards (Video)

Two of  four billboards St. Pete Pride had planned on buying to promote its upcoming festival were rejected by Clear Channel Outdoor, prompting the organization to cancel its pending contract with the outdoor advertising giant.
Interestingly though one of the approved billboards had a drag queen in leather with the caption “My family is fierce.” and a billboard with two men on a couch with a toddler and the caption “My family is fabulous & fearless.The rejected billboards featured a pair of men – shirtless, presumably at a beach – smiling for a photo with the caption “My family is fun.” and the other that was rejected features a pair of women lying down at the beach together – presumably in the moment before a kiss – with the caption, “My family is free.”

Clear Channel Outdoor say why it rejected two of the billboards, but said, “as a matter of policy, we don’t discuss creative decisions on signage.”

“We do think its important to refute suggestions that (Clear Channel Outdoor) is not willing to display images of (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) couples showing affection,” continued Tom O’Neill, Clear Channel’s V.P. of Public Affairs for the Tampa Bay Division. “Previous years’ campaigns for St. Pete Pride prove that is not the case.

Which is why the two rejected billboards depicted gay intimacy, right?

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