Andy Thayer Of Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network Explains How Russian Gay Activists Outwitted the Secret Police

*Gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev of Russia attends a press conference in Moscow. Russian gay rights movement leaders annouced they will go ahead with their planned march despite permission being denied by the Moscow

Chicago activist Andy Thayer with the Gay Liberation Network traveled to Moscow, Russia a week ago and not only participated in but helped organize and report back via blog posts and articles about the preperations for Russian Pride and how they actually pulled it off against all odds without violence or interruption by neo-nazis, the Russian Secret police or the Russian Goverment,

In Andy’s final post from Russia he explains HOW they did it.

As a result of this and other measures, Russian gays and lesbians accomplished their most successful Pride yet – a highly visible event with lots of press coverage, no arrests and no beatings, despite government bans and a police dragnet.

Here is the main purpose of my final blog from Moscow: Now that the action is over we can finally tell the truth about how Moscow Pride activists accomplished this remarkable feat. The aim is to share the experience with other activists within Russia and elsewhere who are facing difficult circumstances. All content of this particular blog have been cleared with Moscow Pride organizers so that no organizers are put in additional jeopardy.

It’s a truly inspirational and inspiring blog post and a MUST READ.

Back2Stonewall wants to congratulate and thank Andy Thayer for his involvement and reporting with Russian Pride and we salute all our LGBT Russian brothers and sisters for thier tenacity and courage in standing up for thier rights and hope and pray that one day that thier oppression will be over.

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