WTF!!! Equality California Disinvited Dustin Lance Black From Fundraiser "Party" So They Could Have Prez Hilton Instead?!

Yesterday morning Academy Award-winning “MILK” screenwriter Dustin Lance Black gave a speech for Equality California’s Harvey Milk Day session, just before volunteers headed out to canvas the Los Angeles area to remind residents why gay rights are important and stuff. Shortly after the speech, EQCA dis-invited Black from tonight’s party at Sharon Osbourne’s estate because they wanted  Perez Hilton there instead!!!

Black has been EQCA’s biggest advocate and (unofficial) public face. More than executive director Geoff Kors ever will be. (And why geoff Kors even has that job after his MASSIVE FUCK-UP running the “No On 8 Campaign” is beyond me.)  But rather than acknowledge Black’s record in working with (and defending to critics) the organization by including him at Sharon and Kelly Osbourne’s soiree (event page on Facebook here), where EQCA will earn $150-2,500 per head, they opted to invite Perez Hilton — and told Black not to come. 

EQCA this because Hilton and Black aren’t exactly friends, which can be tied back to the X-rated sex photos of Black that Hilton published last year.  EQCA wanted to avoid any drama the confrontation might create, and chose Hilton over Black.  (Good Luck avoiding drama now!)

Black has refused to comment on what transpired between he and EQCA, but confirms he was asked not to go to this afternoon’s event. 

THIS is why gay rights get no where.  The people who care and we should look to in our struggle are competing with trash like Perez Hilton.  Both Hilton and Kors the worst of lispy pretension fags on the planet. Both will do anything to make a buck.  Garbage utter garbage  (Oh and btw.  Harvey wouldn’t be caught dead at a party like this.  Perhaps ECQA and Kors should get off thier well funded asses and actually fight!)


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