What Reason Does The Department Of Justice Give For Fighting To Keep Defense Of Marriage Act? Paperwork Is A Bitch And We Might Have To Work

Thursday we brought you an update on Gill et al. v. Office of Personnel Management.   GLAD argued, in front of Judge Joseph Tauro on behalf of its 17 plaintiffs argued, that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. But while Department of Justice idiot attorney W. Scott Simpson conceded that even the Obama administration “disagrees with DOMA as a matter of policy and would like to see it repealed,” (YEA RIGHT)  he also maintained a position that it “does not affect its constitutionality.” (meaning they have to defend it because it’s a law……which is a lie)   Moreover, and get this, keeping the law on the books, idiot Simpson argued, would allow the federal government and its agencies to not have to keep track of which states had legalized gay marriage, and which had not.

Here, Scott allow us to help, since you’re all so  incompetent:  First you need  to figure out how many states there are.  I know it’s hard for you but try.. Then you have to use some kind of search engine to bring all these things together.

Oh here.  Let me help so you can drop the case.

All settled now?

What do you think?

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