The Way "LOST" Should Have Ended!

Did you guys hear about that show about the crashed  plane on the sland that lasted 6 overly long seasons that ended last night and disappointed 14 million viewers and really answered no questions.


Luckily the parody’s have begun!

Hopefuly this will make up for it.  As for J.J. Abrams all I can say is that “Super 8” better be in-fuck-ing credible to make up for last night!

2 thoughts on “The Way "LOST" Should Have Ended!

  1. I'm sorry you're too cynical to enjoy the wrap-up, but from your postings, I guess that is to be expected. I thought it was a wonderful ending that made me cry.

    I appreciate you fighting the good fight for gays, but you seriously should consider replacing some of your anger with a heart.

  2. You do know LOST is a TV Show, right?

    And as for my "anger issues" after being treated as a second class citizen, being called named and deviled by some sorry if i am angry. i guess I should be all warm fuzzy and let people walk all over me and treat my gay brothers and sisters like shit until the end of time.

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