Sunday Slavic Pride 2010 Aftermath Update: Imprisoned Slavic Pride Marcher Escapes From Police Station In Belarius!

Here’s an update about whats happening in the aftermath of Saturdays brutal police raid of Slavic Pride 2010’s March in Belarius, Minsk Russia.

One of the awesome things in todays update is that last night, one of the who was jailed yesterday managed to escape by asking to go to the toilet and then calmly walking out of a door!  How freaking awesome is that!


12.45: Food and drinks for the seven detained have been taken to the police station by Sergey Androsenko. In Belarus, anyone detained by the police have to be fed by their relatives.
12.30: Maria Efremenkova, St Petersburg Pride chief organiser, was told by the Russian Embassy this morning that the Belarusian Authorities have denied Embassy officials consular access to the two Russians being detained.
10.00: The 2010 the Slavic Pride Awards were handed out in the ‘wee small hours’. The Belarus Award went to Alexander Sakovich, the directeur of Club 6_A, the only only gay club in Minsk, while the founder and president of International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, Louis-Georges Tin, picked-up the International Award.
10.00: Yes, there were eight still locked-up by the police awating court appearances tomorrow (Monday). But now there are seven. One managed to escape by asking to go to the toilet and then calmly walking out of a door to freedom! Said escapee actually made the Pride party.  There were no incidents at the closing party. There was a minute of silence to remember the seven march participants who are in police custody

Once again I must say thank you to thanks to Andy Harley and UKGayNews for their tireless work in the UK keeping the communication lines open and lettting the world know whats happening there.  (And on a personal note I must say that I am VERY disappointed in my fellow American bloggers for thier lack of coverage and updates on this heinous abuse of LGBT and human rights. Get some perspesctive.  Whats more important?  Beating the Reker’s Rentboy Scandal with a stick day after freaking day ?  For shame.)

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