Servicemembers United and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Praise The DADT Compromise. But Is This "Take What We Can Get" Attitude The Reason Why Our Battle For FULL LGBT Rights Fail?

Last night both Servicemembers United and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network praised the Obama Administration and the “compromise” that has been reached to attached the DADT repeal  to the Department of Defense authorization bill later this week. The only REAL problem is, is that its not a repeal at all. 

Richard Socarides, a lawyer, and former senior adviser to President Clinton states his concerns.

“I am concerned, however, that the bill released tonight is being mis-characterized. I was expecting to see a bill providing for repeal of DADT now with delayed implementation. As far as I can tell, the proposed legislation instead makes repeal conditional on a future discretionary certification which may or may not occur.

In a nutshell what will happen with the “compromise” is that House and Senate will pass legislation this year that provides that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will be considered repealed if and when the following happens:

1. The Secretary of Defense receives the “study.
2. The President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs certify that:
– They have considered the recommendations in the study
– DOD has prepared the necessary policies and regulations needed to implement a repeal
– The implementation of the repeal is consistent with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion, and recruiting and retention.

Current policy will remain in place until the above conditions are satisfied. And if the above conditions are never satisfied, the current DADT policy will remain in place.

The civil rights activists of the 1960’s didn’t fight for possible freedom, they fought for their rights, all of them.

This isn’t even a tiny step forward, it is the promise of a tiny step forward. And it could just lead to this senario.

– Congress will pass the non-repeal repeal (“we did something!”)
– HRC will say they were instrumental (“we delivered!”)
– Obama will say “yes we can!”
– The military will say “wait for the study”

Ultimately, the repeal will likely not happen at all; suppose the “study” comes back with “we need more time”, or “retention could be affected”, or any other lame excuse; in that case, Obama will then say “sorry, we tried”, and everybody covered their ass and we are left holding the bag because once again we got an erection when someone waved a crumb in front of our nose.


This is a sham in my opinion and we need to continue fighting them tooth and nail and continue protesting until they acquiesce and get rid of this stupid law and all the others that deny us what should rightfully be ours,  EQUALITY. And  if this is the best we can get as citizens of this country and what those in the LGBT Community are willing to settle for then, then we need to vote out these homophobic political buffoons and start all over again with our LGBT organizations and strategy

We should not have to ask permission for our rights, WE SHOULD DEMAND THEM!

What do you think?

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